Smart Maritime Detection

Smart Maritime Detection - Clever Buoy

The Clever Buoy™ - Smart Maritime Detection is a surface and underwater autonomous marine monitoring system. Clever Buoy™ specializes in detecting boats, divers, submersibles and large marine life using smart sensors and state of the art sonar and identification software systems to relay critical information to authorities responsible for beach safety.

Noice Industries is the Exclusive Distributor for the "Clever Buoy™", Smart Maritime detection system, in Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Smart Maritime Detection

The Smart Maritime detection system generates the following parameters for objects detected which meet the defined criteria for shark, boat, divers and submersible detection. These are updated every few seconds whilst the target remains within the field of view of the sonars.

  • Date/Time
  • Buoy ID
  • Sonar ID
  • Target ID
  • Target Position (XYZ)
  • Probability Percentage (no longer used)
  • Target Velocity
  • Min/Max Length
  • GPS Location (Lat/Long)
  • Target Heading

Smart Maritime Detection

Smart Maritime Detection - Virtual Net

The system is designed to be deployed beyond the surf zone and utilizes smart sensors and multi beam sonar transducers that are mounted on the ocean floor coupled with newly developed detection software to scan for underwater movement and marine life. Smart Maritime Detection creates a ‘virtual net’ at the deployment locations and once an object is detected in the area, the software interrogates the target’s swimming pattern to determine the type of object or potential species.

If the target is determined to exhibit shark like movement patterns, information is transmitted to lifeguards within seconds, if the target is identified as a diver, submarine or illegal boat the system will alert the field team or command center of the target and the location via a real-time mobile application with automated notifications and warning information.

Smart Maritime Buoy

Smart Maritime Detection - Continuous Monitoring

The Clever Buoy™ - Smart Maritime Detection is unique in the market as a viable commercially available shark mitigation method, and maritime security patrol, using non-invasive technology solutions suitable to protect high intensity surf zones and coastal regions.

The stability and robustness of the current Smart Maritime Buoy™ platform has been verified to sustainably operate in open ocean conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, autonomously monitoring boats, diver, submersibles and marine life and alerting the presence of suspicious objects or large animals which could be a threat.

Smart Maritime Detection

Smart Maritime Detection - Benefits

  • Non-invasive technology that is suitable to protect beaches by creating a virtual shark net to detect sharks and alert authorities.
  • There is no by catch or impact to marine life from the Smart Maritime Buoy system.
  • Sonar detects all marine life in the water column, therefore allowing Smart Maritime Buoy to detect all sharks in the coverage area including those that have not been tagged.
  • Suitable to protect high intensity surf zones, with the ability to deploy
    immediately behind the surf zone in often extreme conditions.
  • Sonar detects all moving objects in the water column including divers and submersibles.
  • Acoustic sensor detects swimmers, boats and ships on the surface.
  • Suitable to monitor coastal regions, and fishing areas, with the ability to deploy immediately behind the surf zone in often extreme conditions.
  • The cost structure is economical and competitive with alternative options on the market.
  • Real-time environmental monitoring applications for wind, wave, water quality and other available sensors.