Situational Awareness


Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness - The Pointer Tactical Application delivers situational awareness, empowers your security operation to make better decisions by putting the right data in the right hands right now. When you multiply the number of informed decision-makers on your team, you transform your security.

There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the right information, the best decisions are made by the right decision maker and Pointer puts the information in the hands of those who need it now.

The Pointer tactical app provides targeting, tracking and collaboration between the ground force, mobile command and the UAV.

Pointer provides communications across the entire operation on a single dashboard, your smart phone or tablet, that's tailored to the viewer’s role, responsibilities, and location. Information gets into the right hands in real-time, management, command, ground forces, employees, law enforcement, first responders and contractors.

Pointer sits on top of existing systems and infrastructures to transform actionable intelligence into situational awareness.

Situational Awareness


There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the right information.

Pointer integrates and aggregates everything from facial recognition to position and threat escalation.  Information gleamed from drones (UAV), zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light cameras, sensors, radar, mapping, recognition software, sonar or echo finder, automatic identification system (AIS), hovercraft and (USV) – to facilitate meaningful, real-time decision-making.

Stop getting bogged down in algorithms and analysis, and make decisions anytime, anywhere.


The best decisions are made by the right decision maker.

Your team in the field is your best asset. When they have the right information to do their jobs safely, their effectiveness saves loss of property and lives.

In security industries, having the right data in the right hands allows command and control to make informed decision in real time stopping problems before they become threats.


Put the information in the hands of those who need it now.

The moment is now. But with data delays and cumbersome process flows, “tomorrow” is a phrase we have become too accustomed to hearing.

With Pointer, you can integrate all of your team members into the decision making process, allowing you to leapfrog stages and accelerate to dramatically improved outcomes.


Pointer connects video, data, devices sensors, UAV and networks. Through multiple modes of connectivity, Pointer fuses information from disparate sources to create a more complete picture of your operational world.

Built with the capacity to maintain constant connection without dependent use of the internet/cloud, Pointer can function off of satellite or radio to avoid blackouts.

Cull and synthesize data from your point solutions, UAV, sensors, cameras and the IoT. Communicate top-down and bottom-up.  Use telestration features to make on-screen notations. Share your location with Geospatial technology.

  • Access Control
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-directional Communications
  • Data Integration
  • Data Visualization
  • Extended Network
  • Geospatial Information

Situational Awareness


Security operations are fueled by the decision-making process. The difference between the right decision and the wrong one is often only a function of time and accessibility of information.

Here are a few ways WOKE can transform your security solutions.

  • Dramatically improve response time.
  • Become proactive decision-makers.
  • Maximize the value of your Intelligence.
  • Fill in the gaps in your operations.
  • Unlock new decision-makers.

Making the right decision at the right time unleashes the unrealized value of a security operation.