Security Robot

Security Robot - Advanced Navigation

Security Robot - Epiphibot is equipped with extremely accurate built-in navigation and collision prevention systems, our robots are safe and effective even when humans, vehicles or cattle are present.

After a quick and easy set up your security robot will be ready to follow a custom route (up to 15 miles long), day by day and month by month with only short breaks needed for charging. You can adjust or change the route literally in seconds anytime you need to.

Epiphibot Security Robot delivers the highest maneuverability – a radius of the U-turn is less than 4'.  Safely operates in total darkness.  Super-accurate navigation without necessity of additional radio beacons along a patrolling route.

Epiphibot Security Robot is easy to deploy on virtually any site, literally in minutes.  Safe to use around humans, cars, trucks, lift-trucks and in areas where accuracy and safety for surroundings is essential (car parking lots, etc.), thanks to a superior obstacle avoidance system.

Security Robot

Security Robot - Outdoor Use

Epiphibots are easy to operate, setup or adjust patrolling routes, unlimited number of way points on patrolling routes. Quick switch between automatic and manual mode allows security operators distantly patrolling a route to inspect suspicious areas or to chase intruders and return to patrolling route.

Built tough to tackle outdoor and off-road terrains. Weatherproof to withstand rain and snow in temperatures ranging from -5 to +120 degrees F.

Epiphibots are designed to work 24/7/365. Quick switch between automatic and manual mode allows security operators distantly patrolling a route to inspect suspicious areas or to chase intruders and return to patrolling route.

Epiphibots have360-degree, permanent day/night-vision surveillance with live transmission to monitoring room and recording to built-in DVR.  Long lasting batteries for long patrolling routes.

Epiphibots are durable, heavy-duty metal body protected against dust, dirt and rain.  Two powerful electric engines with optional hybrid (gas/propane + electric) engine options for dramatic increase of operating time.

Security Robot

Security Robot - Easy Integration

Epiphibots can be customized by installing virtually any type of equipment such as cameras, license plate recognition, thermal cameras, face recognition, bird deterrent systems, mosquito traps, active security systems, and hundreds of other additional devices.

ONVIF format IP-cameras easily integrate into your existing video management system. Open architecture allows deep customization to perform multiple applications with additional equipment.

Epiphibot Security Robot is easy to integrate additional equipment, passive or active such as: thermal cameras, recognition systems, sound deterrents, pepper sprays, etc. Encrypted communication and data transfer. US-written software protected against hacking attacks.

Security Robot

Security Robot - Cost Efficient

Epiphibot Security Robot is affordable and cost-efficient solutions tailored for your individual needs.  Robots are available for immediate orders.

This robot combines one of the best CCTV security surveillance system with a fully autonomous, robotized, self-moving platform.

The basic Epipihbot configuration includes 4 IP-cameras, DVR and 2-way communication system. This equipment may be easily replaced or amended by virtually any other equipment according to your needs and requirements.

4 IP-cameras provide security officers at a monitoring station post with a sharp and high-quality picture while the security robot moves along a prescribed patrolling route or stands on a specified observation point.

Operation time is up to 12 hours between charging for the electric version and 48 hours or more for the hybrid version. Charging time is 3-6 hours depending on battery type.

Epiphibot has hundreds of possible applications in many industries and upgrades with additional equipment options.

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