Remote Terrain Security

Remote Terrain Security


Remote Terrain Security Semi autonomous and turnkey security solutions, designed and customized to a specific need, scenario, issue or group of issues. Remote Terrain Security comes complete with UAV, smart sensors, payloads, hardware, mission planning, a tactical applications, data fusion, a mission auditing tools, communications, maintenance, personnel, operators and pilots.

Remote Terrain Security is an integrated Security and Surveillance system solutions, Airspace Security, Facilities Monitoring, Critical Infrastructure Security, Off Road Patrol, Farm Patrol, Inland Waterway Patrol, Perimeter Patrol, Pipeline Patrol, Ranch Patrol, and Wide Area Surveillance. Furthermore, All Terrain Security has been implemented by both commercial and government customers to support a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

The modular design of Remote Terrain Security hardware and software components provides a option based solution that can be scaled and customized to fit most Remote Terrain Security applications. The system is designed to detect, monitor, track and identify very small targets from the surface or in the air using the exclusive Prem-IR Infrared Radar and Drone Detection.


In addition, the detection capabilities of the system have been tested and therefore verified against, human activity, intrusion, theft, vandalism, migrant, terrorist and criminals. Hence the solution also detects, people, loiterers, leaks, animals, drones, cars, trucks, mines, and other simulated improvised explosive devices.

The system can be configured to automatically detect and classify all targets within security zones. The detected targets are classified by user-defined rule sets and the system alerts the operator, while automatically assigning a camera to lock-on and track the offending targets.

Remote Terrain Security also integrates multi rotor drones, fixed winged UAV tethered drones, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light, cameras, sensors, sonar, radar, 3d mapping, robotics, recognition software, secure communications, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide complete situational awareness.

Remote Terrain Security

Remote Terrain Security - Drone Factor

Remote Terrain Security is the realization that drone technology offers much more than standalone surveillance; it offers a safer and, in many cases, more economical route to accessing and integrating data vital to site safety, efficiency and security.

But it’s about much more than that. The threat of malicious attack on sites critical to national and global infrastructure is very real, a fact that triggered our increased interest and investment in all forms of security solutions serving business, industry, commercial and critical infrastructure.

Importantly, however, while drones offer a highly mobile and therefore rapidly deployable means to expand surveillance reach as part of the wider security matrix, they also offer a way to access and monitor areas without needing to deploy human resource. This is the reason behind the current and predicted growth in commercial sectors.

Remote Terrain Security

Remote Terrain Security - Challenging Regions

Areas too remote (and therefore too expensive) to manually inspect on a regular basis – for example pipelines or sub-stations in geographically challenging regions – can now be inspected in detail via camera-mounted drones. In many cases this is replacing costly and less effective approaches such as helicopter deployment; as well as being more expensive to run, helicopters also have a disadvantage in size and maneuverability.

With drones, hazardous zones ‒ where chemicals, processes, or environmental factors make human presence a potential safety risk ‒ can be checked without endangering workers and importantly, without having to cease operational activity.

Besides Land Based Security Patrol, drone technology has significant implications for site maintenance and workforce safety.

Epiphany Physical Security are completely turnkey surveillance operations and each solution is designed to fill the needs of particular project. Once an assessment is completed we develop the solution, install, implement, operate, support, maintain and staff the project. We also train all personnel employed by the client that are part of the project team.