Prison Drone Detection

Prison Drone Detection

Prison Drone Detection - Correctional Facilities

Prison drone detection - Semi autonomous and turnkey security solutions, designed and customized to a specific need, scenario, issue or group of issues. Drone Detection comes complete with UAV, smart sensors, payloads, hardware, mission planning, a tactical application, data fusion, a mission auditing tool, communications, maintenance, personnel, operators and pilots.

Correctional facilities face a new, emerging threat from drones: the threat of contraband delivered through a novel technique, and the concern for the safety of inmates and staff. Delivery by drone opens a new delivery channel that’s already being exploited in prisons and jails around the world. Even though they have robust security infrastructure, drones can easily bypass even the highest security by simply flying over the top and into the facility.

That’s right, we may still be years away from receiving drone deliveries. But for people in prison, it’s already a reality. As commercially available drones are getting cheaper and carrying heavier payloads, many corrections officers are struggling to keep weapons and illicit items out of prisoners’ hands. As a result, correctional facilities are beginning to install prison drone detection technology to prevent drone deliveries.

Prison Drone Detection - Prevent Dangerous Deliveries

People in prison have a guy who can get you whatever you need. Now that guy gets his deliveries from drones and he’s using drones to bring in handguns and narcotics.

Drone operators are acting like a delivery service for the inmates, they were moving contraband in and out of our institutions using a drone.”

Drugs and weapons are dangerous, of course, but contraband cellphones are also a real problem. Inmates have used phones to transfer money and harass staff outside of the facilities, inmates even used a cellphone to arrange assassinations on a corrections officers and these are not isolated events.

Prison Drone Detection

Prison Drone Detection - RF Technology

Drones are used to deliver marijuana, porn, tobacco, and handguns into facilities causing fights and other dangerous situations. Operators have tried to fly drones carrying hacksaw blades, super glue, a cellphone, and various drugs all ate the same time.

Prison drone detection uses a 17-inch device that uses ultrasound, infrared, and Wi-Fi sensors to detect drones within 1,640 feet. Several Prison drone detector positioned around a facility can alert officers if a drone is nearby. Prison drone detection alert personnel so they can determine the best way to prevent the drone from completing a delivery.

Prison Drone Detection

Prison Drone Detection - Integrated Countermeasures

Prison drone detection can be used with third-party countermeasure devices that jams drone signals. But thanks to FCC regulations, it is currently illegal for officers to jam drone signals in most areas of the United States, as jammers can also interfere with radio signals, Wi-Fi, and aircrafts. And it is a federal crime under FAA law to shoot down drones. While many drone countermeasures are currently illegal, there are potential loopholes to the laws which are currently being investigated by law enforcement.

Prison Drone Detection

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Integrate into existing physical security systems
  • Trigger alerts to staff automatically
  • Triggers alerts and countermeasures automatically
  • Capture and record forensic evidence
  • Augment existing video surveillance installations

Epiphany Physical Security are completely turnkey surveillance operations and each solution is designed to fill the needs of particular project. Once an assessment is completed we develop the solution, install, implement, operate, support, maintain and staff the project. We also train all personnel employed by the client that are part of the project team.