Pipeline Security Patrol

Pipeline Security Patrol

Pipeline Security Patrol - Surface and Air

Pipeline Security Patrol Semi autonomous and turnkey security solutions, designed and customized to a specific need, scenario, issue or group of issues. Pipeline Security Patrol comes complete with UAV, smart sensors, payloads, hardware, mission planning, a tactical application, data fusion, a mission auditing tool, communications, maintenance, personnel, operators and pilots.

Pipeline Security Patrol is a persistent surface to air solution for monitoring pipelines in any terrain or amphibiously. This includes desert, prairie, rural areas, coast line, inland waterways, multi landscaped, rugged terrain and large remote regions.

Pipeline Security Patrol - Situational Awareness

Exploiting a drone's ability to tirelessly loiter for hours at a time, is an important part of our solution. Consequently, tethered with hovercraft, a wide-area camera is capable of capturing a visual record of everything below that moves or changes over time.

Pipeline Patrol is effective because, it is a unique because it integrates multi rotor drones, fixed winged UAV tethered drones, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light, cameras, sensors, sonar, radar, 3d mapping, robotics, recognition software, secure communications, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide complete situational awareness.

Pipeline Security Patrol

Pipeline Security Patrol - Capabilities

As a result, the solution can operate in mostly inaccessible high-risk pipelines, crude oil pipelines, refined product lines – gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals etc., gas pipelines, underground power, drinking water.

Furthermore, the issue for drone surveillance is range, especially when operating in harsh terrain. Mobility and persistence, the ability to stay on station for hours while waiting for the opportunity to collect as much data as possible.

Pipeline Patrol delivers actionable intelligence from remote locations; hence you quickly respond or engage from the surface or from the air. Rather than a traditional surveillance system, fixed cameras, security guards or barriers alone, we offer a continuous and persistent mobile security solution.

As a result, you have increased visibility, therefore heightened awareness, augmenting the ability to respond quickly to any alert, incident or intrusion

Pipeline Security Patrol - Terrorism or Vandalism

The threat of terrorism or vandalism in today's world of intelligence and reconnaissance makes mobile pipeline security a very valuable capability.

Pipeline Patrol operates amphibiously, over mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, flooded land, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairie, wetland, meadow, bogs, bayou, shore, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, shallow lakes, dried up salt marshes, rice paddy, sandbanks, roads, surface. Without leaving a footprint on wild life or ecology.

Epiphany Physical Security are completely turnkey surveillance operations and each solution is designed to fill the needs of particular project. Once an assessment is completed we develop the solution, install, implement, operate, support, maintain and staff the project. We also train all personnel employed by the client that are part of the project team.