Physical Security Solutions

Physical Security Solutions - What we do

Crime, terrorism and other threats are all around us. To mitigate this increased risk, facility managers, organizations and property owners need to be more aware, continually improve security on a daily basis and implement full physical security. Hybrid wide area physical security solutions; an overall awareness of a entire perimeter and the ability to provide micro surveillance in one or multiple sectors simultaneously.

We assess, design, manufacture, implement and operate our innovative security solutions. Monitor your valuable assets, perimeter, physical infrastructure and your operational technologies (OT).

Autonomous aerial, surface and subterranean observation, indoors and outdoors.  Real-time situational awareness and early warning from the most difficult locations.

Our physical security solutions are a unique integration of multi rotor UAS, fixed winged UAS, crash tolerant UAS, tethered UAS, smart sensors, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light cameras, sonar, radar, 3D mapping, robotics, RFID, WiFi radio map, facial recognition, video object recognition, real-time video monitoring, underwater object identification, AIS, record/backup/replay, VHF, weather forecasting, tactical communication, remote connectivity, non-lethal deterrents, cyber security, data analytics, data fusion and artificial intelligence.

Data collected from multiple sensors, is analyzed, fused and presented real-time, via an intelligent security management platform. Therefore, decision makers receive actionable intelligence continuously day or night from any remote location or rural or urban region.

Critical information to the right people in real time, therefore quicker and smarter decisions, leading to a fast, focused and collaborative response.  Contact us, we are ready to discuss and assist.