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Physical Security Solutions - What we do

Crime, terrorism and other threats are all around us. To mitigate this increased risk, facility managers, organizations and property owners need to be more aware and continually improve security on a daily basis. Noice Industries helps companies get the most out of security budgets with cost effective technologies. We assess, design, manufacture, implement and operate our innovative security solutions ourselves. With our solutions, you can track and better secure your valuable assets, improve your perimeter security, monitor your physical infrastructure or control access and your airspace.

The backbone of our tailored solutions is autonomous aerial, surface and subterranean observation, indoors and outdoors.  By making use of integrated technologies, customers receive real-time situational awareness and early warning from the most difficult locations. Our scalable surveillance platform delivers actionable intelligence continuously day or night from any remote location or rural or urban region. All collected data, sourced from multiple sensors, is analyzed, fused and presented real-time, via an intelligent security management platform.

Whatever your specific security need or situation, our goal is to deliver critical information to the right people in real time. With Noice Industries’ cost-effective security solutions, you make quicker and smarter decisions, leading to a fast, focused and collaborative response.  Contact us, we are ready to discuss and assist.