Outside criminals in local gang war, narcotics feud

There is a gang war happening in the territory and Police Commissioner Micheal Matthews said criminals from other jurisdictions are involved.

Police also suspect that the recent shootings are connected to a narcotics ring.

“We are dealing with a gang war, we are dealing with a drugs feud, and we are dealing with a situation where firearms and ammunition are quite clearly being made available to criminals in this territory.”

“Not only that, but we also know that criminals from other territories are gaining access to this territory and committing crimes, and have the ability to arrive and leave very, very quickly,” the top cop said.

He said police intelligence also suggests that residents are actively aiding and abetting murderers.

The commissioner said, “even in some of the most recent shootings this year, people are being assisted to get out of the territory very, very quickly by family and friends straight after an incident has happened.”

He said this intelligence makes it more important for witnesses or other persons with information to come forward.

Numerous shootings have been happening on Tortola since the start of the year and three persons already have been killed during these incidents.

Persons have also sustained non-fatal gunshot injuries during these shootings.

Police said detectives from the United Kingdom are currently in the territory to help solve these murders.

Local law enforcement is also rolling out a security plan, which will include a drone surveillance initiative.

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