Noice Industries

N.O.I.C.E - Network Optic Intelligence Communication Enhancement

NOICE Industries US based UAS manufacturer and system integrator. We have developed turnkey physical security surveillance solutions that have proven to be highly cost effective for monitoring remote regions, rural perimeters, enterprise facilities, critical infrastructure, IoT connected devices or operational technologies.

We manufacture UAS, including multirotor, VTOL fixed wing and collision resistant for indoor use or confined spaces.  The system integrates UAV, smart sensors, data fusion, IIoT security, machine learning and AI, therefore we provide full physical security solutions.



We are committed to technological innovation, our goal is to develop cost effective security solutions that reduce risks, manage vulnerabilities, save lives and protect property for clients around the world. Our mission is to have answers for today's most pressing security threats and to anticipate the needs of our clients, as crime, vandalism and terrorism evolves.

With our international partnership network we offer local presence in 35+ countries. We design solutions that are adapted to the security issues of local customs and culture.

It is our strategy to become the world’s number one  physical security company for securing remote and difficult to manage areas, rural infrastructure facilities and perimeters, as well as in urban areas through the smart city movement

At Noice Industries our approach is consultative, our technology is innovative, our solutions are proven and we strive to maximize customer satisfaction.