IoT Asset Tracking and Management

IoT Asset Tracking and Management

IoT Asset Tracking and Management refers to the systematic process of monitoring and maintaining things of value for a business entity or organization. This may include human assets like human resources, moving assets like vehicle fleets, cranes or freight, non-moving objects like industrial shop floor or medical equipment, raw materials and finished goods.

Cargo theft statistics vary, but it is generally agreed upon that cargo theft is a $15 to $30 billion-dollar problem each year in the United States. Exact numbers are impossible to determine in that many cargo crime incidents go unreported, and the numbers related to those incidents that are reported differ greatly by agency. Regardless, the most recent cargo theft statistics available continue to be sobering.

If your asset tracking system is not smart, there’s a high chance that your firm will either have a shortage or surplus. A surplus can leave you with hefty storage fees, space issues, and waste if your product becomes outdated.


Tracking assets or inventory of products is the most important task of any business. IoT asset tracking and asset management is the modern inventory management tool that helps to identify products remotely. Adopting our Wi-Fi Radiomap technology can decrease labor cost, increase shipping accuracy, and make process faster.

New technologies like our IoT Asset Tracking and Management system involve state-of-the-art technologies that aid in smarter decision-making at all business levels while reshaping infrastructure strategies ensuring protection and safety for a variety of company assets with IoT asset tracking and management system.

IoT Asset tracking and management


The Noice Industries IoT Asset Tracking and Management System will allow you to get real-time visibility of the locations of your mobile and fixed business assets. The instant notifications inform you when assets arrive at delivery destinations or monitor valuable machinery to ensure your equipment stays on site with real time asset monitoring.

An IoT asset tracking and management solution connects multiple stakeholders, processes, workforce and assets across the business value chain into a single “integrated strategic system”. An IoT-enabled digital asset management system connects these silos and gives a unified view in a system that is backed by data analytics.

Our IoT asset tracking and management system provides all the data that traditional solutions do; location of an asset, its current condition, manage asset lifecycle, control processes, etc. It also adds intelligence to automated workflows, real-time alerts, insights from data, dynamic edge control of assets, predictive maintenance, cross-domain analytics and real-time visibility.

IoT Asset Tracking and Management

Asset Tracking and Management - Benefits

All businesses have a multitude of assets that they need to stock and maintain. And with the right solution in place you can gain more detailed control over your assets and greater return on your investment. IoT is also leveraged by the industries for asset tracking. IIoT (Industrial IoT) solutions have seen steady growth over past few years, because smart systems are now able to fused data from Wi-Fi, RIFDs and Fingerprinting to deliver optimum positional accuracy as well as smarter ways to locate, track and manage assets.

  • Hospitals: Key and/or critical assets including machinery, equipment, ambulances, patients, instruments, devices and more
  • Shipping and Logistics: Shipping, imports, containers, supplies and goods
  • Industrial Automation: Water meters, offshore drills, and oil & gas tanks
  • Industrial Assets: Trailers, generators, construction equipment, cars, fleets of trucks, rentals, and service vehicles
  • Consumer Products: In-transit pharmaceuticals and electronics

IoT Asset Tracking and Management

Complete Asset Tracking and Management

Our IoT asset tracking and management system tracks your assets, ensures productivity, accuracy, compliance and accountability.

  • Collects detailed data at a faster rate.
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Delivers flexibility with more accurate records.
  • Enforces personal responsibility and accountability for company assets.
  • Reduces costs by minimizing labor and administration.
  • Secure assets and reduces loss with automated monitoring.
  • Locates misplaced or lost assets.
  • Improves accountability in inventory management.
  • Allows users to personalize the way they monitor and track asset movements.
  • Notifies and triggers exception-based alerts via email or text and can issue visual warnings to report theft or unauthorized moves.
  • Helps users to assign and share assets, process automation of identifying inbound/outbound asset movement from governed locations.
  • Reports – provides built-in business intelligence and analytic tools to create standard, customized or ad hoc reports of asset location, usage, movement history, assignee and more.
  • Real-time tracking of asset inventory lets you view the status of assets with one click from your desktop or mobile.
  • You can see the real-world view of asset movement via your dashboard and other third-party graphical representations.