Tactical Command

Drone Target Tracking - Command & Communications

Drone Target Tracking is a UAS operational management system, created to coordinate mission teams on the ground and in the air.  It allows anyone on the team to select a target and all team members to track a target, to collaborate on the approach, initiate escalation and ultimately engage the target.

The system integrates the UAV sensor operator in the mobile or field command center, ground forces, targets and central command center (War Room) into a collaborative map platform, with either cell or radio communications. Central command center, the sensor operator and the ground force leader have an overview of entire map.

Each can track the position of the UAV, ground force teams and the targets or the target area in real time, while communicating with each other via text, photo or video. Ground force teams can track the position of the UAV, other ground force teams and targets in real time, while communicating with either command center and other ground force teams via text, photo or video.

Drone Target Tracking - System Coordination

The tactical App delivers real-time coordination of all operational components and situational management during the mission. The system not only visually detects targets and tracks them but leads security personnel or ground force teams to the most advantages route to engage to suspects in real-time while streaming live video and location to operators in the control room.

The tactical command is Real time war room situational awareness.  The Drone Target Tracking System streams mission data to the command center which becomes the war room providing situational awareness in real time to operational management and for the entire mission.

Drone Target Tracking

Pointer Drone Target Tracking - Situational Awareness

Data, photos, videos provided by drones can be analyzed and forwarded to ground force teams and sensor operators during a mission to deliver actionable intelligence in real-time.  The system allows for incident hierarchy to be determined, and provided to all field personnel, including ground force teams and drone sensor operators.

The Drone Target Tracking System assigns escalation levels to each incident, provides a color-coded engagement level for the ground force team, for the drone sensor operator. The Drone Target Tracking System assigns a rule base communication plans included who needs to be contacted at each level of escalation, the system alerts ground personnel to how they should engage, route they should take, and to the method of engagement is necessary.

Drone Target Tracking

Drone Target Tracking - Report & Audit

Drone Target System records and stores all situation documentation, everything happens throughout the entire mission is available for reporting and auditing purposes. The Drone Target Tracking system digitally records the number of missions flown, number of flight hours, Geo locations, communications, target tracking, events, incidents, situations and issues, makes this data available for use real-time and for operational evaluation.

Data, photos, videos provided by drones can be analyzed, audited providing a mission report or mission study.  The audit shows what happened, who the pilot was, how many flights were flown, how many hours were logged, what was seen, what was reported, who reported it, how the incident was escalated, what was the sensor location, personnel locations, routes taken, what was the level of the incident when it was reported, and what was the response, who was involved, what was the outcome and what can be improved.

The report also provides complete communications data between the ground force team, for the drone sensor operator, the pilot and the command center, in chronological order. The operation can be analyzed and optimized based on the information provided. Decision can be made on whether processes should be adjusted and if the system was able to deliver all the pertinent information needed to the right personnel to safely complete the mission.

Drone Target Tracking

Drone Target Tracking & Operational Management Platform

Drone Target Tracking

Drone Target Tracking - StealthUAV drones are designed to deliver quiet undetectable surveillance, when flying above 200 feet. The Stealth UAV are built with strong & lightweight materials and have Carbon Fiber frames. The Stealth UAV are uniquely engineered to keep central gravity 100% balanced and spreads the payload equally over a large surface area in tough weather conditions.

StealthUAV Built Around the Pilot

Each of our UAV the StealthRotor multi-rotor, the StealthOsprey mid-range VTOL fixed wing and the StealthRanger long-range VTOL fixed wing, the Glance indoor collision resistant drone, are designed from the ground up by our veteran drone pilot team to be quiet, durable and light weight. The StealthUAV Platform™ is engineered to support wide range of applications, such as Survey, Cinematography, Security, Surveillance, Drone Target Tracking, Patrol and Search & Rescue.

The UAV are in a PixHawk controlled system, configured for 2 man operation, a pilot and a payload operator. The Drone Target Tracking system can be managed in field by a mobile command center or a central command center. Operations are created and setup using Mission Planner which allows StealthUAV fly to any waypoint in seconds or to fly a pre-defined routes and to re-purpose the UVA position when needed.