Data Fusion

Data Fusion

Data fusion refers to the acquisition, processing, and synergistic combination of information gathered by various sources and sensors to provide a better understanding. Redundant, complementary, and spatially diverse information from various sources and sensors can provide more reliable and accurate information for improved intelligence and surveillance.

Each sensor in the System IoT IntraCore performs its own signal processing and data reduction with early pattern recognition. Sensors used for information fusion are networked. If an individual sensor detects something, it triggers an alarm and the related detection information (including identification and classification information) associated with that alarm is passed to the fusion node, along with calculated confidence value for that detection based on statistical information.

Data Fusion - Fusion Node

At the fusion node, the threat information associated with each alarm contact received from different sensors will be associated if their calculated confidence values are above a confidence threshold pre-defined for each type of sensor.

The associated alarms/information are then combined with weighted confidence/reliability functions and fused through behavioral analysis tools at the higher-level fusion. Once a trusted fusion has been completed, the results are made available to the end-user as well as for display. The fused results are also used for sensor cueing.

Data Fusion -

To properly fuse data from each sensor, the IntraCore understands the following aspects:

  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Location
  • Output
  • Existing data store

Understanding these allows us to create the proper algorithms, scripts, rules, and hardware to ensure clear, useful output.

  • Network requirements
  • Importance
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Fusion Priority Order

Data Fusion - Cost-efficient — “Edge” computing

Security Sensor’s IoT technology is a highly cost-efficient solution for managing a large fleet of assets or monitoring large areas.

Sensor data processing takes place on the “edge” of the network, also known as “fog” computing. The IoT platform fuses and processes the data in real-time, and sends only the metadata over the Internet, such as cone location and alerts. Only one cone communicates with the cloud. (The self-healing mesh network ensures that if the cone goes down, another takes over.) This minimizes internet usage and keeps communication costs under control.

Data Fusion

Data Fusion - Tailorable - Sensors to suit the application

Every application is unique and requires its own set of sensors to solve the local business problem. The Security Sensor IoT platform is based on an open architecture, enabling third party sensor integration and quick integration into the system framework.