Infrastructure Drone Detection

Infrastructure Drone Detection

Infrastructure Drone Detection - Semi autonomous and turnkey security solutions, designed and customized to a specific need, scenario, issue or group of issues.  Drone Detection comes complete with UAV, smart sensors, payloads, hardware, mission planning, a tactical application, data fusion, a mission auditing tool, communications, maintenance, personnel, operators and pilots.

While energy manufacturers and utilities are implementing drone surveying and inspection programs around the world, these organizations must also protect critical infrastructure, such as power stations and water reservoirs, from unwanted drones. With drones becoming ever more inexpensive, easy to fly, and able carry heavy payloads, the risk of not securing the airspace only increases every day.

Recently, drone detection systems are being engaged to help defend against unwanted UAV incursions into secure areas already protected by conventional systems like radar, acoustic and optical detection systems. Secure areas include prisons, government buildings/facilities, utility companies (including nuclear power stations) and airports.

Infrastructure Drone Detection - Pilot Locator

Infrastructure drone detection platform can automatically detect, locate and track UAV controls as well as locate the operator.

The UAV industry is quite mature, what’s still being developed are systems to enable autonomous drone flight. On the other hand, the maturity level of Infrastructure drone detection ranges from proven to embryonic.

As the UAV segment continues to grow, so does the need for detection and prevention of drone incursions.

Infrastructure drone detection employs three basic technology options: radar, optical and RF. Radar and optical need direct line of sight and cannot see over the horizon, which is short-range, and detection and defense must be exceptionally quick to prevent unwanted UAV visits.

Infrastructure drone detection

Infrastructure Drone Detection - Intruder Warnings

Thus, intrusion warnings at a geofence distance of 1.5 miles can be generated, and automatic defense/prevention is readily achieved. Some utility companies want to have detection, warnings and control of intruder drones within a mile of their facilities.

Drone detection uses a library of drone control RF signatures for all known UAS, with new signatures added regularly. The system can detect, intercept and directly take control of the offending vehicle.

Infrastructure Detection

Benefits & Capabilities

  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Detect drones even before they take off
  • Provide forensic evidence of drone attacks
  • Integrate into existing security and monitoring systems
  • Are compatible with utilities’ internal drone programs

Epiphany Physical Security are completely turnkey surveillance operations and each solution is designed to fill the needs of particular project. Once an assessment is completed we develop the solution, install, implement, operate, support, maintain and staff the project. We also train all personnel employed by the client that are part of the project team.