Crash Resistant UAV

Crash Resistant UAV - GlanceUAS

Crash Resistant UAV - GlanceUAS come in 2 unique sizes. The "Snipe" is our max capacity, collision-tolerant drone, it is 14" (320 mm) in diameter and it has a 14 minute flight time.

The "Peek" is our minimum capacity, collision-tolerant drone, it is 8" (200 mm) in diameter and it has a 11 minute flight time.

Our collision-tolerant drones are designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places. Allowing for UAV operations in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces, Crash Resistant UAS, expands the potential of UAVs in numerous applications where their use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible.

Crash Resistant UAV

Crash Resistant UAV - Confined Spaces

The ability through an opening into a confined space, to remain stable after an in-flight collision, is the flight concept of the GlanceUAS. Woke solves the biggest challenges of flying drones indoor in complex and confined spaces or in contact with humans: the risk of collisions and injuries. Opting for tolerance to collisions over the attempt to sense and avoid obstacles only, GlanceUAS provide the level of reliability that is desired by professionals operating in environments where mission failure is not an option.

Inside its own protective frame, Glance is collision-tolerant. This means you can access the tightest spaces without any risk of crashing. Even if avoiding obstacles is not possible, GlanceUAS bounce off and roll to find its way, similar to a rumble vacuum, accept much faster. You can fly close or even in direct contact with humans without the risk of injury.

GlanceUAS carry a full HD camera, a thermal camera, and on-board LED lighting that features a remote adjustable control. Once you have reached once inaccessible interior locations, you have all the tools on board to take the best possible photos in nearly any lighting conditions.

Indoor Inspection UAV

Crash Resistant UAV - Control & Communications

GlanceUAS are equipped with a cutting-edge wireless communication system that provides a live video feedback allowing the pilot to bring the drone to the most inaccessible places up to multiple hundreds of meters beyond line of sight.

GlanceUAS Ground Station is features a remote controller, a tablet and a purpose driven ground control application providing the pilot with live telemetry data, an SD live video stream captured. Crash Resistant UAV - GlanceUAS, deliver the information and controls that you need to operate it efficiently and safely in tight spaces.

Crash Resistant UAV

GlanceUAS - Capabilities

The GlanceUAS Crash Resistant UAV have an up to 27-minute endurance, is dust and splash resistant, operational in environments between 0° and 50°C. GlanceUAS is obstacle tolerant so that it can be easily piloted, operational personnel will quickly get up to speed with their piloting skills. Woke is designed to fly indoors where few or no drone regulations apply, Woke can be easily integrated into your existing inspection applications.

When a mission is complete, you can access the data recorded on the SD card, embedded on you Crash Resistant UAV.. No post processing or specific software is required. GlanceUAS is using simple video files that can be read i.e. on the tablet of the Ground Station. Flight data, thermal video and selected Points Of Interest (POI) are recorded on a dedicated SD card. By using Crash Resistant UAV for Inspection, you can correlate flight data and POIs with both video streams.