Campus Security

Campus Security

Campus Security Challenge

Campus Security a Semi autonomous and turnkey security solutions, designed and customized to a specific need, scenario, issue or group of issues. Campus Security comes complete with UAV, smart sensors, payloads, hardware, mission planning, a tactical application, data fusion, a mission auditing tool, communications, maintenance, personnel, operators and pilots.

Campus Security is effective because it is a unique integration of multi rotor UAS, crash resistant indoor UAS, tethered UAS, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, smart sensors, sonar, radar, 3d mapping, facial recognition, secure communications, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide complete situational awareness.

Campus Security - Situational Awareness

Campus Security solution delivers actionable intelligence from inside or outside the facilities; hence you quickly respond or engage, on the floor in the halls, from the ground or from the air. Rather than some traditional security guards, static cameras, fences we offer the opposite, a continuous and persistent mobile responsive and tactical solution. Campus Security is designed to monitor entrances, buildings, facilities, school campuses and parking lots.

Campus Security - The WOKE Platform is a situational awareness delivery platform that transforms the way security organizations support and manage their environments. WOKE ties together various security technologies and people to create proactive problem resolution.

Challenge - Multiple systems with limited communication between them

There is a rapidly increasing array of single-function security systems in the market today. These “point solutions” address one or two functions of public safety with limited flexibility. They do not communicate or collaborate with other technologies or agencies in the security environment. It falls on the various campus organizations to manually connect data from these disparate systems and then communicate that data to their varied security teams.

Campus Security

Campus Security - System Integration

System integration to create proactive solutions

Most security systems are also reactive and rely on alarms or calls to initiate an investigation after an incident has occurred.

The WOKE Platform enables security organizations to better leverage their existing technologies by consolidating them into one common operating picture. It is a force multiplier that delivers real-time information, facilitates multi-directional communication, and provides a clear view of any incident under an organization’s command.

WOKE integrates and aggregates everything you already have – data from the IoT, sensors, legacy systems and people – to allow for meaningful, real-time decision-making.

Campus Security

Campus Security -Senario

A student is walking alone on campus at night. She feels uncomfortable because someone is following her. She doesn’t want to call 911, but she would like to know a safe place to go or if there is a security guard nearby.

The WOKE Platform arms campuses with a complete security solution that includes mobile apps on student and faculty devices, location sharing and maps, and real-time chat sessions to decrease resolution times and create safer outcomes. If our student had the WOKE app on her phone, she could trigger a “soft” alarm to alert campus security of her location and her concerns.

With WOKE, the communication doesn’t stop there. The security ops center can immediately
respond to the student via text and can answer her questions or concerns until she is out of harm’s way.

Campus Security

Campus Security - Common Operational Picture

In addition, the WOKE platform provides the entire security team with a common operational picture centered around geospatial mapping and real-time access to sensors and communication. Now the Security Ops Center can instantly locate the nearest patrol, and they can activate cameras or lights in the student’s area. Security can even telestrate over a map or image to quickly draw a route for the student, helping her find a safe place to stay until the patrolman arrives.

Epiphany Physical Security are completely turnkey surveillance operations and each solution is designed to fill the needs of particular project. Once an assessment is completed we develop the solution, install, implement, operate, support, maintain and staff the project. We also train all personnel employed by the client that are part of the project team.