Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Partnering with traditional security companies, Independent sales representatives, international agents and integration partners have been important to the success of NOICE Industries.  Since 2016, most of work however, has been in implementing solutions in developing countries and in mostly re,mote and rural regions.

As our market continues to grow, so does the number and variety of partner opportunities. Our unique partnership structure will not only help security companies replace the revenue lost due the change in the industry, but gain an expanding market. As new technologies continue to transform security the experience, knowledge, integrity, and credibility become even more important to the success of NOICE Industries and its partners.

Integration Partners

The integrity of the security we provide as an industry should not be compromised for IoT. Businesses, governments and people rely on us to protect what is important and we must continue to maintain the high standards that currently exist in our industry today.

NOICE Industries are manufacturers and integrators of technology-based security solutions that span the enterprise, including property, critical infrastructure and perimeter security. If you have a technology that you feel might enhance our solutions please tell us about it, we are open to new integrations.

Physical Security

Why Should You Become a Partner? 

Because crime, terrorism and other threats are all around us. To mitigate this increased risk, facility managers, organizations and property owners need to be more aware and continually improve security on a daily basis. Noice Industries helps companies get the most out of security budgets with cost effective technologies.

Epiphany Operations are effective, because they are a unique integration of multi rotor UAS, fixed winged UAS, crash tolerant UAS, tethered UAS, smart sensors, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light cameras, sonar, radar, 3D mapping, robotics, RFID, WiFi radio map, video object recognition, video monitoring, underwater object identification, AIS, record/backup/replay, VHF, weather forecasting, tactical communication, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics, data fusion and artificial intelligence.

We assess, design, manufacture, implement and operate our innovative security solutions ourselves. With our solutions, clients can track and better secure their valuable assets, improve their perimeter security, monitor their physical infrastructure or control access control your airspace.

Now is the time to get involved.

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