Our African Sandbox

The Epiphany UAS System has logged thousands of hours flying continuous anti-poaching missions in Africa for the past 5 years. Our African sister company UDS currently has over 150 separate security operations running in South Africa, including in Kruger National Park.  The solution in Africa also flies under a non-profit banner Air Shepard, which received a Silver Edison Award in April 2018 for outstanding UAV Surveillance achievements against poaching.

Air Shepherd, founded by the Lindbergh Foundation uses sophisticated operation management system, as a result rangers and ground teams are able to collaborate. UAS are flown over high probable poaching areas, allowing rangers to intercept suspects before a poaching incident can take place.

Noice Industries - Africa to The World

Over the last 5 years our solution has had a huge impact physical security in southern Africa, serving clients from large farms to critical infrastructure. The solution has proven to reduce incidents of theft or intrusion on farms, mines, construction sites, borders, oil facilities and critical infrastructure by as much as 90%.

Noice Industries is the commercial North American entity and solution integrator. Noice was established in November 2017, and in January 2018, the solution engineer and creator moved to Austin, TX and joined the American team. The US is where all IPs are held.

Our solution has been catalyst for many UAV flight regulations in South Africa, we have documented how to fly continuous safe reconnaissance safely in commercial airspace.